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Cult Care Tips

When you invest in our handmade Swarovski crystal vaporizers or eyewear, it's important to know how to care for it. Swarovski crystals are the designer crystal. Made in Austria, we source our crystals direct from Swarovski to verify authenticity. Each crystal is placed on the vapor pen by hand by The Crystal Cult in Los Angeles. We use only the best adhesives ,but it's important to care for your pen.

Over time, oils can build on the crystals from your hands. Use your Crystal Cult microfiber case or a soft cloth to gently polish the crystals. Make sure to always place your vape inside its case when it is not in use. 

Never leave your Crystal Cult Swarovski crystal accessories in a hot car or direct heat. Clean between uses and change your coils frequently. For more information on cleaning and changing your coils visit our You Tube channel. 

You can always email us at Info@thecrystalcult.com with any questions on how to care for your Crystal Cult products. 

Kush Queen Guide to Summer

Summer is in full swing at The Crystal Cult. Here are our office favorites this summer! We are dreaming about the cool fall when we can return to beating our faces. 

1.The Dani

Round frames are a modern approach to a classic style. Gorgeous Swarovski crystals embellish the round frame. 

2. Breakup to Makeup Bag

This adorable make up bag is perfect for running around this summer. The best part is that it's vegan and cruelty free! 

3. Golden Snake Vape Pen

All Gold EVERYTHING! This 1100mAh battery is topped with a gold bling tank for the perfect amount of Swarovski sparkle! Customize your bling tank with the tank that fits your vaping needs. 

4. Honey Pot Bear Lip Balm

I am OBSESSED with this cannabis infused balm. It's non-psychoactive balm you can use all over your body! I love using it on my lips because it leaves them feeling super soft. The Honey Pot Bear balm is Kush Queen approved! 

5. MAC Matte Lipstick

I LOVE Matte lipstick! My current color is Pink Plaid. I always love MACs long lasting color. 

6. Blunted Objects

One of my friends gave me this adorable necklace featuring aventurine crystal and a dainty pot leaf. Check out their etsy store and support fellow Kush Queens. 

The Crystal Cult in Cosmo Latina

Check out The Crystal Cult Swarovski crystal eye wear in the SUMMER 2015 issue of COSMO LATINA ! 

Check out Rose


Cult Domination

We are so excited to be included in some amazing holiday gift guides! Check out our Swarovski crystal bling vaporizers in the New York Times and Cosomopolitian.com ! 


Our first Cult Friday sale is going on now! Take advantage of 20% off the Leather Lux Swarovski crystal vape pen and the Golden Snake vape. 

Fall Look Inspiration

We are all about fall fashion here at the Cult! We love these looks from Polyvore featuring our Swarovski crystal embellished eyewear and our bling vaporizers! 

Here are all the details on this adorable look!

Sweatshirt : Alexander Wang for H & M 

Sunglasses: The Mason

Nail Polish: RGB Too Red & Black

Jeans: TopShop

Bling Vape: Black Beauty

Shoes:  Alexander Wang

Purse: Alexander Wang

Watch: Michael Kors

Wallet: Alexander Wang

Dream BLING Crystal Cult Contest

Hey Cult! We have reached an incredible 80K followers on Instagram! We are passionate about bringing you our handmade Swarovski crystal embellished vaporizers and eyewear. We are grateful to all of our vape queens for your support. Head on over to Instagram @Thecrystalcult to enter our contest! 

Bling Vape Boot Camp

One of the great parts about growing our Cult is getting to spread vape knowledge! So many of our customers have questions. Here is a Crystal Cult  crash course!

TANK 101

Clearomizer: Disposable (lasts 2 weeks on average), only for ejuice

Ejuice Bling tank: Reusable tank, features a larger chamber. Coils must be replaced every 1-3 weeks.Dry Herb/Wax tank: For dry cannabis and concentrated THC (wax, budder, dabs)

Dry Flower: Only for dry cannabis

Dry Flower/Wax/ Ejuice: This pen is 3 in 1. 

Battery 101

1100 mAh: Longer taller battery in appearance ,but comes with longer battery life and more power

650 mAh: Featured on most of our 3D designs, compact and fem. Lasts on average about 6-8 hours on a full charge. 

Isparkle: Adjustable voltage Itaste MVP 2.0 battery. Longer and larger in size. Incredible high end battery.

Triple Glam: The smallest vape we carry, gpen style. 3 in 1 perfecting for clubbing and concerts.

Here is an awesome side by side example of our bling vape 3D design VS solid crystals!

Here is Crystal AB Vs Crystal 

New Releases !

We are so excited to announce the release of a new top collection! We love celebrating the 420 and vape life style! These tops are perfect to go with your Crystal Cult Swarovski crystal bling vape and our Swarovski crystal embellished sunglasses! 

Whats your favorite for summer?

How to Glow This Summer!

Hello again loyal Cult Members,

Today, we wanted to discuss something near and dear to all of our hearts...Beauty! Now that Summer is here, not only should your closet transition, but so should your beauty routine. Below are a few of our favorite products/secrets that we are sure will have you glowing this Summer.


Hands down our new favorite product is this skin clearing mask. We can't even begin to express how magical this stuff is! This mask will not only renew your skin, but it also improves clarity and attacks breakouts, black heads and white heads. Available at Sephora for $69 it is worth every penny for all that it does for your skin.



The MAC Strobe cream will literally give you that glow-y Summer look. You can chose to mix it in with your foundation or simply dab some on the cheekbones for a professional look that is sure to wow. Not to mention, it will definitely help you get the ultimate insta-selfie. The travel size is all you really need- and at $10 it is a complete steal!

3. Clarasonic Brush

Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliating your skin at least twice a week helps rejuvenate the skin by removing any dead cells and it prevents the clogging of pores while leaving you with a clean fresh feeling. Whether or not it is Summer, the Clarasonic brush is a beauty staple.


Coconut oil has countless uses in the beauty department; here are a few of our favorites.
Hair Conditioning: We like to rub a small amount of it through our hair then rinse it off in the shower. This helps improve the life of dry, damaged hair.
Lip Balm: Dabbing a very minimal amount on your lips can help maintain a moisturized pucker.
Natural Makeup Remover: When running low on makeup remover, you can always turn to coconut oil! Using a small amount of coconut oil can help removing that stubborn mascara.


Looking for that perfect beach wave? Look no further! For an easy summer look simply spray this product through your hair after your shower routine. One Cult member loves spraying this after a shower and letting her hair dry while up in a bun. Once dry, she described the perfect beach wave that stays fresh and never oily.


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