One of the great parts about growing our Cult is getting to spread vape knowledge! So many of our customers have questions. Here is a Crystal Cult  crash course!

TANK 101

Clearomizer: Disposable (lasts 2 weeks on average), only for ejuice

Ejuice Bling tank: Reusable tank, features a larger chamber. Coils must be replaced every 1-3 weeks.Dry Herb/Wax tank: For dry cannabis and concentrated THC (wax, budder, dabs)

Dry Flower: Only for dry cannabis

Dry Flower/Wax/ Ejuice: This pen is 3 in 1. 

Battery 101

1100 mAh: Longer taller battery in appearance ,but comes with longer battery life and more power

650 mAh: Featured on most of our 3D designs, compact and fem. Lasts on average about 6-8 hours on a full charge. 

Isparkle: Adjustable voltage Itaste MVP 2.0 battery. Longer and larger in size. Incredible high end battery.

Triple Glam: The smallest vape we carry, gpen style. 3 in 1 perfecting for clubbing and concerts.

Here is an awesome side by side example of our bling vape 3D design VS solid crystals!

Here is Crystal AB Vs Crystal