Bling Vape Boot Camp

Posted by Olivia on 23rd Aug 2014

One of the great parts about growing our Cult is getting to spread vape knowledge! So many of our customers have questions. Here is a Crystal Cult  crash course!

TANK 101

Clearomizer: Disposable (lasts 2 weeks on average), only for ejuice

Ejuice Bling tank: Reusable tank, features a larger chamber. Coils must be replaced every 1-3 weeks.Dry Herb/Wax tank: For dry cannabis and concentrated THC (wax, budder, dabs)

Dry Flower: Only for dry cannabis

Dry Flower/Wax/ Ejuice: This pen is 3 in 1. 

Battery 101

1100 mAh: Longer taller battery in appearance ,but comes with longer battery life and more power

650 mAh: Featured on most of our 3D designs, compact and fem. Lasts on average about 6-8 hours on a full charge. 

Isparkle: Adjustable voltage Itaste MVP 2.0 battery. Longer and larger in size. Incredible high end battery.

Triple Glam: The smallest vape we carry, gpen style. 3 in 1 perfecting for clubbing and concerts.

Here is an awesome side by side example of our bling vape 3D design VS solid crystals!

Here is Crystal AB Vs Crystal