When you invest in our handmade Swarovski crystal vaporizers or eyewear, it's important to know how to care for it. Swarovski crystals are the designer crystal. Made in Austria, we source our crystals direct from Swarovski to verify authenticity. Each crystal is placed on the vapor pen by hand by The Crystal Cult in Los Angeles. We use only the best adhesives ,but it's important to care for your pen.

Over time, oils can build on the crystals from your hands. Use your Crystal Cult microfiber case or a soft cloth to gently polish the crystals. Make sure to always place your vape inside its case when it is not in use. 

Never leave your Crystal Cult Swarovski crystal accessories in a hot car or direct heat. Clean between uses and change your coils frequently. For more information on cleaning and changing your coils visit our You Tube channel. 

You can always email us at Info@thecrystalcult.com with any questions on how to care for your Crystal Cult products.