Summer is in full swing at The Crystal Cult. Here are our office favorites this summer! We are dreaming about the cool fall when we can return to beating our faces. 

1.The Dani

Round frames are a modern approach to a classic style. Gorgeous Swarovski crystals embellish the round frame. 

2. Breakup to Makeup Bag

This adorable make up bag is perfect for running around this summer. The best part is that it's vegan and cruelty free! 

3. Golden Snake Vape Pen

All Gold EVERYTHING! This 1100mAh battery is topped with a gold bling tank for the perfect amount of Swarovski sparkle! Customize your bling tank with the tank that fits your vaping needs. 

4. Honey Pot Bear Lip Balm

I am OBSESSED with this cannabis infused balm. It's non-psychoactive balm you can use all over your body! I love using it on my lips because it leaves them feeling super soft. The Honey Pot Bear balm is Kush Queen approved! 

5. MAC Matte Lipstick

I LOVE Matte lipstick! My current color is Pink Plaid. I always love MACs long lasting color. 

6. Blunted Objects

One of my friends gave me this adorable necklace featuring aventurine crystal and a dainty pot leaf. Check out their etsy store and support fellow Kush Queens.