This summer is going to be VAPING HOT! We are so excited for fun in the sun. Once you invest in your designer Swarovski crystal bling vape from The Crystal Cult, you've got to take care of your baby! Here are some tips for vaping in the heat of summer. 

1. Do not leave your bling vape or ejuice in the car. 

The high temperatures can melt the glue and compromise the crystals. Ejuice should always be stored at room temperature. So never ever leave your vape in your car!

2. Clean your vape

Its always important to remember that bacteria lives everywhere! Make sure to use alcohol wipes to clean your mouthpiece regularly. 

3. Avoid water

It's so much fun to vape by the pool ,but submerging your vape in water will destroy it! 

4. Try summer flavors 

We have a wide selection of delicious nicotine free ejuices that are perfect summer flavors! Check out  fruit punch , mojito mix , and raspberry pomegrante

5. Keep your lips moisturized 

The combination of the sun and vaping can make your lips chapped. Keep your favorite lip moisturizer near! 

And remember SPARKLE BABY!