The Crystal Cult is a fast growing business in the busy streets of Los Angeles.  We focus on making your everyday accessories a fashion statement discreetly and glamorously. Some popular products we offer are swarovski crystal sunglasses, clearomizers, and portable vaporizer pens.

In particular, swarovski crystal sunglasses are getting more and more popular by the day! One of our most popular and bestselling pair of blingy sunglasses are The Big Liza. These sunglasses are definitely over the top and glamorous. This pair of sunglasses are from the Golden Era collection and in our opinion, are a fabulous edition. Just because these glasses have 12 gold cabochons and 2 rows of black swarovski crystals, doesn’t mean they don’t do justice for the health of your eyes. The Big Liza’s have 100% UV protection. When buying this particular product, it comes with its own repair kit and of course a case to keep them from getting damaged.

Another popular and growing trend are our vaporizer pens. We offer a portable vape pen for your car! The three different options to choose from are the Mason Vapie, Emma Vapie, and Ava Vapie. All three are a great choice, and most importantly, USB powered and portable.